Monday, May 4, 2009

Counter redo, Flowers and a sign!!

Ok so here is a sign that will hang from the top part of my canopy at one of the markets I am attending this season. This is the same green color that my old cabinet at the shop is and I love it. I did paint a couple of cute cupcakes and some treats. I think it will get attention. Hopefully the right kind of attention I want!! LOL

Gosh what a perfectly beautiful monday!~!! It was 72 degrees and just lovely outside!! Ok so lots to share with yall today!!

Here is a pic of the before front counter at the flowershop. Well we already took the trim pieces off but you get the idea. White and White!! NOW so far this is what we did to the top. We did buy some fancy trim to go along the edges just havent gotten that finished yet. We are making the counter into one long one instead of 2 so I have to get a top piece cut for the smaller one and then add it on to make one. I love this black marble tile, we did our kitchen pantry and shelves with it and I want to buy enough to redo our floor when we have time!!LOL right!! and can find some!! We went to 7 different stores and finally at the last one hubby found the marble on burried under other boxes and they only had 2 boxes!! MINE MINE MINE! we grabbed them both up!! Will share pics of the cabinet done up as soon as i get the shelves done.

Also I thought I would share some pics of some of our flower order that came in for mothers day!! They are all so pretty and so fresh cant wait to start making arrangements with them!! Well that is about it for today hope yall had a glorious monday and will talk to yall soon!!
Have a great week now!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

The counter is going to look great!

LOVE that sign. The cupcakes are so fun that they draw me right to the sign.

I wrote about your Sweet Serendipity shoppe on my blog Sunday! I have some chickens drawn that are a knock-off of your adorable running chicken. Mine are just standing because I couldn't get the legs like you drew them!!!

Those Mother's Day flowers are gorgeous.