Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Apple crisp mix and lazy cats

So sounday we cleaned out the greenhouse as I had flats of veggies outside since it was so warm. We found 3 mice in the empty trays under the shelfs, no wonder why only a few seeds here and there came up they have been digging them up and stockpiling them under trays. URGGGGG!! OK so in the pic is one of our cats Sammy, do you see anything odd with this pic??? To the backside of her was one of the mice that jumped out of the greenhouse, yepper that dang mouse ran under sammy and sat there. What did our fearless Sammy do you might ask??? SHE laid down and rolled over for us to scratch her belly!! Yes she did!!! And the mouse sat up on its hind legs and almost was touching her nose!! It didnt run off and she didnt move just was oblivious to that dang vermin!!! So as you see we apparently feed our cats way too good!! some mouser she is!!!

This is another of our cats MIMI!! crazy mimi that is!! You can see he caught one of the mice that ran off, the tail is stickin out of his mouth (DONT FRET HE DIDNT KILL IT) dangit!! LOL, he played and chased it around a bit then it took off into a wood pile and GONE!! another one that can come back to eat my seeds!! URGGGGGGGG!! and another well fed cat too!!

Well the sun is finally back out!! and it is t shirt weather out too!! YEAH!! so this am I got some mixes made up for the shop and at market!

Apple crisp mix is made using flour, spices, organic oats and brown sugar, this package will make a full 9x13 pan size and also you could add 1 cup chopped pecans to the mix. EASY PEASY to make and enjoy! especially with vanilla ice cream or some whip cream!! or both!

I made just a plain ol muslin bag turned it right side out and stamped a couple of red flowers on it then attached my label to it and finished it with a bit of red/white gingham. My table covers are all red/white gingham and I love those colors for market!!What do you think???

I did add this to my etsy shop but you could also order thru me here if yall like!! IT is $5.50 plus travel expenses, it does weight 2 pounds with a small box to ship.

So have a wonderful tues!!



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