Sunday, April 5, 2009

Seedlings and Surgery

I am so so sorry for not being current on my postings!! I have been so danged sick the past couple of weeks with female troubles and this weekend has been horrible. Anyway will be mia for a few days next week as tues am I am having more surgery this time a hyst so hopefully all these issues will be gone and I will be back to myself!! I have so much to do and so much planting to get done in the greenhouse it is sad!! If i wasnt so worn out and tired and crampy I would be out there right now but this is really kickin this farmgirls butt!! BIGTIME TOO!! So after layin around mostly in my recliner in the living room the past couple of days, and believe me the seat has my butt print well engraved into it now I am goin to post a few pics here. My boys have been so sweet Buster laid down next to me last night and rested his head on my belly and off to dream about cookies we both went!~LOL and actually Barney and Bubba both have been right in the chair with me at all times! and Bubba is such a big daddys boy he must know mommy needs him right now!!LOL It is just kind of hard since this is a decision that cannot be reversed ya know and there is no goin back but will totally look forward to the future and hope there are big things happening for us!!THIS IS CAUGHT IN THE ACT TIME!!! I bought a little milkbone bear for each of the boys last week while gettin prescriptions (have you been in a walgreens lately?? they have cool doggie toys for only a couple of bucks) anyway thought they would like a toy!! Bryan is always saying his Bubba is such a little angel he NEVER does anything wrong!! WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL>>>>..... lookie here, the top pic is him playing nice with the bear and all of a sudden i heard a RIPPPPPPPPPP and look at what that little angel did!!!

Yepper had to snap this pic even with a little bit of stuffin on his piggy!! CAUGHT !! AH HA~~that poor bear didnt make it even 2 min and gone!~~LOL just had to share that with hubby to prove his bubba isnt all angel!! LOL of cource he said we planted the stuffin on his piggy to make it look like he did it!! RIGHT!!

Here are a couple of the sugar snap peas i planted a couple of weeks ago, the rest should be sprouting any day now. I put in 8 flats of them so we should have plenty to take to markets. Oh and by the way I am goin to be doing 2 markets this summer since I will be out of a job in may!! South Haven will be on saturdays and now Allegan will be on thursdays so I will be getttin around!! LOL
I may have not mentioned it but the third week of may is my last week as a regular employee and then after that i am goin to be what they call tpe or basically on call for when they need fill ins!! EXCITING!! this way i can focus on the markets and on my bakery stuff!!! YEAH!! cant wait!~! My partner and I met up last week to discuss all this and we are both really excited and hope it will be a prosperous adventure!! Scarey but well this felt right and I feel down in my heart this is what i am meant to do!! Wish me luck!! and I promise to keep yall updated with plenty of news and pics!! LOL

Here's my Buster Brown!! he is such a loving sweet dog and has his mommy wrapped around his little piggy for sure!~~

OPPPS oh there is Naughty Bubba with Barneys bear trying to rip that one apart too~LOL stinker!!

This is a freebie that I just adore!! A crow of cource!! My dear friend Old Dame Penniwig has such great freebies chick her out!! And she is a sweetheart!!
Well gotta get to doin something! maybe just gettin dressed will be enough for right now! NOT that i am nekked or anything I do have pjs on but need to take a shower and put regular clothes on !LOL
Have a most blessed sunday and will keep ya updated!!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh honey, I am so sorry this is happening. I tell you, with female troubles, doctors are just decades behind where they should be. I had a hysterectomy/oophrectomy/whateverectomy when I was a young thang. You just have to go forward.

Who knows what the future will hold. Not all of us get to have loads of kids. I concentrate more on my animals and hobbies, truthfully. I thought about fostering kids and adopting them with my heart, since I don't qualify for adopting due to no money and an elderly husband, but decided that my path is different and involves critters mainly.

Get yer doctor to prescribe the pain meds AS NEEDED (prn) BEFORE the surgery starts, get him to have a standing order for them and for anti-nausea drugs.

I can tell you, the hysterectormy wasn't a picnic but it was LESS PAINFUL than one of my regular periods. And I mowed the yard (wasn't supposed to hee hee) with a push mower 2 days later. LOL. I was so happy to know I was going to be pain-free. It opened up my life for me.

Good luck dearie!!!

Bonnie said...

Hi, dropped in for a visit as I loved the name of your blog! I am so sorry to hear about your surgery, hope you are on the mend. Your dogs are adorable! Hope you have a wonderful Easter and best wishes for a quick recovery.

Theresa said...

Hi there.. I hope you are feeling better and I'm envious you are playing around in the dirt.. I've been neglecting my gardening duties.. too busy scrapping..
your doggies are soooo cute.. great photos...
Take care and Happy Easter.. hope to see you posting again soon.. =)