Sunday, March 29, 2009


Gosh it is cold again! but we didnt get snow YEAH~~ YIPPEE!!~ we did get a bit of rain but not alot at all, and this week we are goin to be in the 50s again!! YEE HAW!!! I only work 2 days this week so maybe can work outside a bit cleanin up all the leaves that keep blowin around from the fall. I did work at the shop most of yesterday and will be there today again we put the older crafty things on clearance and i am bringin in some of my altered books and scrappy things and new primitives and am working on making the display cabinets sparkle!~! So will go and bake this week as i have a show in Muskegon on April 18th that i am making baked goods and sweet confections for~~So if you are near stop on by!~~ samples will be there too!
OK so my little studmuffin had his date last night~~ oh he was a stinker at first and was growling and a bit nasty to the ladies~they are adorable little gals too!~! He did mellow out i think it was a bit overwhelming for 2 gals to be so interested in one litte guy who was the smallest one~!~ I will post pics of them later today. Callie, Deva, and then my friends handsome guy ElTorro was there plus my baby~~daddy had to hold him most of the time but towards the end he settled down and kisses were shared by all!! Hopefully next time they get together it will go much better. He is socialized to other dogs so not sure why he got snippy. Maybe just a bit too much too fast i dont know but he did good and I was proud of the little boy. It sure wore him out too, he slept on the seat of the truck next to me the whole way home out like a light!! First time for that i tell ya!! LOL

Better get my butt off puter hubby and I have some errands to tend to this am and then we are goin to breakfast. Oh please keep my father in law in your prayers he was just at a doctors visit and they found out the form of sclerederma he has affects the organs. But they do have a couple of different meds i guess that can and may halt the disease process some. He will find out more this week they are doing ct scans and lung tests. I am hoping an praying he will be ok, he is a very giving person and I am glad he is in our lives!! TAKE CARE~~


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I'll be thinking of yer father-in-law and hoping for good news with his scleroderma, it's a very insidious problem.

Good for Mr.B.W. and his ladies! Those gals were too pushy for him, he likes his ladies more refined I bet!

craftychick said...

Oh too funny!! Maybe he is more refined huh!! LOL