Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MORE SEEDS for sale~~

Here is a pic of last summer with some of the sensation mix cosmos. I am selling these seeds, 1/2 way thru summer they were taller than the the milk can in the backround.
Just a peek at the yellow pencil pod beans we sell. Those seeds are $1.25 a pkg of approx 25 seeds+. These are great for eating, canning or freezing and produce prolific amounts of beans. (plus travel expenses to USA)

A pic of our purple/burgandy beans and some of the early green beans from last summer. I love those little yellow pear tomatoes too!! The purple beans are $1.25 pkg of approx 25 seed+ plus travel expenses to USA.
Ok that is it for right now in seeds. Today anyway!! Hope yall are havin a great tues and gettin more spring like weather! We are gettin rain again changing to snow flurries tomorrow! I know I am sick of snow now!! I do have things started in my greenhouse so hopefully we dont have too cold of weather.
I am off to work on a few new things and some new jewelry items ***hint it will be with stamped shrink plastic??? Never worked with this so it should be fun!! plus cuttin more glass to make bracelets, well glass bottles that is!!! Will let yall see when they are done!!! ENJOY your day!!!


simple~needs said...

did you get my comment on your previous post?

Sandra said...

Oh those look so yummy and beautiful colorful flowers. I saw some today. Here in California I should be getting ready to plant as well. But I am being lazy. I will just live thru you for now...LOL
Thanks for sharing...