Monday, March 2, 2009


Well just wanted to say HEY to everyone and hope yall had a great start of a brand new week!! I had to work [dangit} so just got home and ready to head out and do chores. Can u believe it was only 6 degrees out this am!! and believe me it was COLD!! Now it is sunny and only 20 outside. I am sure hoping our spring is soon coming!!! CANT WAIT!!
I will take some pics of the seeds i am putting up on my etsy and here for spring plantin, just have to pkg them and print some labels. Oh spring is such a glorious time of the year, I just love to go outside when the trees have all their leaves opening and the grass is alive and green!! It is like opening your eyes and seeing the beauty for the first time!! OK enough spring talk!!LOL it is coming that is all i have to think about!!
OK well along with our bake shoppe i am goin to be offering my organic dog treat bakery items!! and will get some baked up this week. My boys are out and I am really gettin the evil eye when i give em a milk bone!! I made some different kinds for market last year and we called them "3 B'S Bites" for my 3 boys, Buster, Bubba and Barney!! LOL I get evil eyes from my "girls" and now most recently I do strongly believe the geese and ducks are planning something really not too nice for me!!! Their pond and pool is still froze and there is no way I am running the garden hoses way out to them to fill another pool!! One of the geese this am, when i filled their 2 water buckets jumped right on in and was stuck on top!! now these are the round rubber, not deep feed buckets keep in mind, and i was running late for work so was out there in my light grey uniform trying so hard NOT to get dirty while i had to lift this dang goose out of the bucket and she was just flapping those big wings getting me wet and oh my hair was a sight when i finally got done and back in my truck!! I had to pull it back in a pony tail as it just looked a down right mess down. GEEZEEEEEEEEE the things i do for my animals!!! LOL you know i love em all huh!! LOL
Ok well yall have a super night, I am off tomorrow so I am planning on laundry and making a very nice supper for my dear sweet hubby and then it is all about ME ME ME!!! did I say ALL ABOUT ME!! and creativity!!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

You truly love those creatures of yers!!! LOL!

My gosh 6 degrees is just too cold. Come on spring!

Can't wait to see those seeds you are packaging up!