Monday, March 9, 2009

HAPPY MONDAY!! more seeds 4 sale

I got a bunch of these peat seed starter discs. They are 5.$1.00 if you are interested. U just put your seed in the hole and water and they swell up and the seed sprouts. I plant these in pots when they get too big and they are plantable.
Shasta White daisy $1.50 pkg of around 50 seeds
These mexican sunflowers are so cool!! I planted a bunch of them last sumer and used them in boquets at market. A bright orange color $1.50 a pkg of 50 seeds
OH who doesnt love zinnias?? My grandmother had tons of them in her gardens. This is a mixed color pkg $1.50 pkg and they are bushy plants with reg size blooms
Golden Zucc are a favo around here!! the skin is more tender than the black beauty zucc and they taste great. I like to mix them up in a stir fry they are a pretty gold skinned color. $1.25 pkg of 25 seeds
I also still have some of the teddy bear sunflowers, lemon queen sunflowers, autumn blend sunflowers and the giant zinnias. Either leave me a comment here or email me!!
THANKS! have a happy monday!! I am off to work in my craft studio to make some new jewelry for a show the end of the month!!


simple~needs said...

i ordered these from P&r
( i am kmclaughlin)
*Autumn Blend Sunflowers
*Bright Lights Cosmos
*Indian Spring Holly Hock {heirloom variety}
*Lemon Queen Sunflower

**Giant California Zinnia*
i was telling my mom about the seeds and she wants a pack of each too. so could you double it and let me know how much it is with the extra ones. i will paypal you. thanks, kim

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Those Mexican Sunflowers, I can guarantee, will bloom their heads off for you, and they are very sturdy and can take rain!

craftychick said...

I got em pkg up for ya. The total with shipping is $12.40
THANKS!! I will also check on the forum for you.
Have a great day!