Friday, March 27, 2009


well TGIF~ got up this am and sanded on my cabinet then went to lunch with my mom and brother and then we went to store and bought some groceries. WOW!! some of the prices have really gotten high on everyday items.!!! CRAZY!! last year our groceries were higher because of feul prices now that they are down groceries still continue to soar ^^^^ oh well we are plantin more in the gardens and my mom and I are plannin on cannin more and more this summer.
Mother nature sure has fooled us here in MI as it is down right stinkin cold out now!! in the upper 30s and windy, hopefully we arent gettin snow like they say for the weekend, then they say back in the 50s next week. My sugar snap peas are sprouting like mad in my greenhouse and the lettuce is lookin good!! will take some pics this weekend of the babies!! OH AND GUESS WHAT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> my Mr. Boopie Woopie Boo has a date tomorrow!! Barney is gettin gussied up to meet 2 ladies!!! yepper a friend at work's daughter has 2 girls and we may become related if the meeting goes well!! LOL I am taking my dig cam with so will post them with my little studmuffin!! LOL
The girls are back to layin eggs and production is goin well now, everyone is happy for the springy weather we been havin they have been scratchin everywhere. I still have to set up the duck pool though!!! OH MY GOSH the geese and ducks were so mad, they came running the other day to where we have the big pool for them set up, only to find it there but empty!! YUP empty!! oh they were mad!! I watched and swear they were stampin their little feets around and squackin up a storm. Probably swearin their little pea pickin hearts out at me for not filling it!!What was I thinkin huh!! will fill it up this weekend if the weather is ok. Last spring we got a late late snowfall and freeze, well their pool was in a different spot along the drive to the coop and one morning while leaving to go to work i did chores, (it was dark outside and my hubby didnt hook up a backup light on my truck) so as i was backin up I felt something strange and my tire was spinning on the drivers side. WELL YEPPER AS YOU ARE PROBABLY THINKING RIGHT NOW!! I backed right over and into the side of their pool.. Now this is a kiddy pool that is only I think 40 inches? tall or maybe a bit more but geee!! smashed it right down. My hubby called me at work after he seen it and had to harass me about it!! Well the way I seen it IT was so his fault for not puttin that back up light that i have been askin for for along time!! LOL ok still my fault but it sounded good huh!!! LOL
Well have a super super night and will chat more this weekend!!
Still have flower seeds for sale if anyone wants just look in my archives!!

OK NOW THIS IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL!~~ the news just popped on tv to say we are under a winter storm watch with 3maybe more inches thru sunday!!! NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!! I better get the heat lamps on in the greenhouse quick!!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Get those heat lamps on! I don't know why spring seems to get started good and then Mother Nature has to play her tricks and "take back" springtime and put more winter on us!

Good luck to Mr. B.W. on his date, but someone, tell that dog that having 2 wives is bigamy!!!