Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seeds for sale!!

Ok the first of our flower seeds arrived in mail today!!! YEAH !!! These have all been pkg for the 09 season!! We buy in bulk from a very reputable supplier that we have been with for years most everything we have planted from them germinates 90%!!

Here is what I have so far for sale:
*Teddy Bear Sunflowers{these are all yellow and kind of fluffy full with a green center, they dont get too tall but $.99 pkg (30+ seeds)
*Autumn Blend Sunflowers
$.99 pkg approx 50 seeds {you get quite abit in a pkg and they are a gorgeous color combo of bronze, light yellow, red, and 2 toned also smaller sunflowers all with brown centers}
*Bright Lights Cosmos
$.99 pkg this is a great mix of gold, yellow and orange cosoms, they bloom all summer and reseed each year spreading, mine got almost 3 feet tall last summer.
*Indian Spring Holly Hock {heirloom variety} $.99 pkg {these are so easy to grow and look great!! this mix has red, light and dark pink, yellow, peachy orange and purple seeds}
*Lemon Queen Sunflower $.99 pkg {light yellow smaller sunflower with dark brown centers and they are bushy with more than 1 bloom on a stem} 50+seeds
*Sensation Mix Cosmos $.99 pkg {these are your more traditional colors, purple, pink, whites, they bloom all summer and can reach up to 4 + feet tall, they do reseed and come up each year}
**Giant California Zinnia* these are my favorite of the zinnias!! Mine grew 5 feet tall against a fence and bloomed all summer and produced large flowers that i cut and put in vases!! super easy they do best with a liquid fertilizer {we use compost tea"} $.99 pkg asst colors mix
Ok now for some yummy early sugar snap peas!! these do wonderful and vine so nice on old fencing they take anywhere from 55-65 days to produce but once they start, and as long as you pick they keep producing til it gets hot outside. I started some in my greenhouse today.
$.99 pkg each Sugar Ann, Oregon Giant Snap, Super Sweet Sugar Snap. 30+seeds {they are about the size of a piece of corn}
That is what came today more are on their way!!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

How do I go about buying these, I'd love a pack of the Teddy Bear Sun flowers and a pack of the Autumn blend and a pack of the Sugar snap peas.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Gosh those seeds sound so pretty. Sunflowers are so beautiful and easy to grow!