Thursday, March 19, 2009

Takin it easy thrus!!

Well it is thurs already!! I just wanted to post a bit why i havent been doin my daily posts here, I have lost a couple of days ~~
I havent quite felt good for a couple of weeks, female issues goin on so anyway went to work on monday and just wasnt me, i had a very hard time concentrating and doin my work i just wanted to sleep!! no i am not the kind of person who lays around either, so called my obgyn on tue only to find out my blood count was way low, he was in surgery all day so had to see him first thing yesterday am, he sent me right to or for surgery. He said no wonder you feel down and yukky we have to stop the bleeding asap. So that was wed for me, after sleeping all day tue and even not doin much of anything over the past weekend but take naps with my boys on and off!!
SO I am thinkin i am goin to take it easy today and not do alot i am pretty sore and achy. BUT you wait cuz this weekend I am goin to get to business and make things!!
Hope yall have a happy happy thurs!!


Debra said...

Hope you are feeling better todayI saw your post on the message board regarding Etsy. I also saw the first comment was excellent- I am sure others will think so too & you will be back up there before you know it!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Honey I sure hope you feel better soon, please keep resting and don't push yerself to get up and about yet!!!

craftychick said...

Thanks!! I just want to be back to my spunky creative self again!! Not doin much but resting believe me!!