Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stormin Weekend!!


Hey Everyone!! GOSH what a weekend!! Yesterday started out beautiful but by mid afternoon it started gettin really dark and then big ol rain drops started and that was it! windy, rainy, downpouring, lightin,thunderin well into the night!! and then around 5pm last night!! BAM!!!!!!!!! we went black!!power out!! yuk so hubby and I ran to the grocery store and grabbed something to eat and when we got back home round 10pm it was back on!! YEAH!! but today it is rainin and dark and gloomy outside. BUT>>>>>>>>>>> april showers bring may flowers so I say rain rain RAIN RAIN!! LOL. it will be good for the morel mushrooms and also the asparagus crop. My lilac trees have open green leaves and the grass looks a shade of such beautiful green I forgot how pretty green is!! My hyacinths are up and blooming and oh the smell when you walk past them is breathtakin!! daffodils in full bloom and also my climatis plants I see are starting to emerge on their trellis. YEAH!! LOVE LOVE LOVE SPRINGTIME!!

We arent doin too much today, probably since it is rainy I will go up to the shop and work on replacin our counter top, hubby has work on one of our tractors to do to get her ready for tillin up the gardens.

And we have more chickies!! 6 more brown guys hatched and hopefully they are hens!!well actual term is pullets. I am goin to our feed store tomorrow to pick up some Brown Islas I ordered they lay big ol jumbo brown eggs and are suppossed to be very personable and friendly. DONT need any more ANGRY hens round here!! I do have to nip a problem in the butt asap though. We have an egg breaker amongst the gals!! YEPPER we do and when I find out who it is LOOK OUT!!! chicky heads are gonna roll!!LOL right! well someone out there is breaking most of our green/blue eggs and some brown so they are NOT to be considered prejudice. Maybe they are tellin me they need some extra oyster shell in their layin mash?? Will have to ask the feed store.

I will be all about the bakin soon so will be sure to take my camera to the bakery with me for some yummy shots.

Until tomorrow hope yall have a blessed sunday.




Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Good heavens, an egg breaker!

I'll ask my hubby too, he used to have about 100 chickens and sold the eggs, he had a few Aracuna (sp?) chickens too with the pretty turquoise shells and he always had to put one of those eggs in with the "plain" brown and white eggs, all his customers wanted a special pretty egg in there...

Stay safe up there, the weather is just rotten up your way, we have been watching it online.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hi again! My husband said, he had the egg-peckers too, what you do is you take eggshells from what you use in your own cooking, rinse them out very well, dry them and then crumble them up and put in their mash and "that will stop that nonsense right away" he says. I asked HOW MANY eggshells exactly do you need to crush up and all he would say was "Just your house-use eggs, a handful of eggs" so who knows what THAT means...LOL...he's got BIG HANDS so it might even mean six of them...he's also saying make sure you have tall gallon buckets of water for them (the plastic kind like spackling comes in), don't just have the automatic peck-drippers and you will get more eggs...LOL...I can tell he is wishing he still had chickens!!!