Thursday, April 16, 2009


WOW! It has been so long since I last posted well since i have been on the computer actually!! BUT I AM BACK!! and will be sharing some pics tomorrow with ya of a few of our new babies!! we have 6 hatched rhode Island reds (hopefully hens) LOL dont need any more roosters as we have 4 and that is plenty believe me!! they have quite a few gals to choose from too!! so at least they are not aggressive with each other nor with us!! Well surgery went well I had a rough time last week though as my blood count was slow to rise back to normal but today and yesterday I am feeling more like myself again. I actually got dressed and walked around the farm with my boys and also did plant 3 more flats of come cosmos seeds and 2 flats of yellow zucchinis so am trying to do a bit a day not to overdo it though!! I am getting really excited for markets as I am starting one in may and the other the weekend after mothers day and I did talk to an area tourist attraction place this am and they are goin to be gettin some of my goodies to sell there thru the summer!! YEAH!! So i am thinkin of doin chocolate dipped rice krispy treats on sticks and some individual pkgs of cookies and then the pretzels and maybe some bags of granola bites!! Cant wait to get to the kitchen and start bakin some new goodies!!! Hubby sanded down that green/white old cabinet for me and tomorrow I am goin to put a couple of coats of paint on her and then distress it a bit with maybe some dry brush white on top. LOTS and LOTS of fun things to do. I do need some input from all of you if you dont mind. I will be using a white canopy for one of the markets and am wanting to make a sign to hang from the back pieces like by my checkout. My question for yall is what would you have it say?? keep in mind i do have a standing sign that will be in the front that has chicken scratch farm on it with a couple of chickens so now what should this other one say? I was kind of thinking baked goods, fresh baked treats, or homemade goodies?? What do ya think???
Well gotta go chick on our babies I will take my digital cam with me into the coop to get a few pics of the little darlin's!! too cute they are almost 2 weeks old!!!
Have a blessed night and will talk to ya tomorrow!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Well thank goodness it's over with and you are back and gaining up your strength! Yes, take it VERY easy please!

Boys! Do not jump on mama's tummy!!! I bet they are being so good...

For your sign, since you already have the "Chicken Scratch Farm" part, I really like that "Homebaked" or "Fresh Baked" goodies idea...both of them make me want to go buy something good to eat!

In New Orleans there was a little stall at one of the markets and it said "Good Things to Eat" on a banner, but then again, that was an expression we all used down there, it was even a heading in the classified section of the paper...