Saturday, April 18, 2009

HAPPY WEEKEND!! and spring chicks

Here was us this past week!! I slept on one of our couches almost all week after surgery!! As you can see my boys were right with me!! LOL

Buster was on one end and Bubba and Barney in the middle which didnt leave a whole lot a room for me but we were cozy!! LOL they are such sweeties.

Well the first of the new additions to the farm for 09!!! there guys are 2 weeks old here and hopefully are all hens! please=) Rhode Island Reds which we have alot of and they are such honeys and also great reliable egg layers for us.

OH they are just too stinkin cute at this age arent they?? Love all my babies! We are on the look out for a female white peking duck as our daisy and daphney both passed this past winter so poor Donald is without a mate right now and he does walk around chasing the geese.
Springtime is just such a glorious time on a farm all the babies and new things and the seeds sprouting so lovely!!! My mini japanese iris are about 4 in tall and the big iris are comin up nicely. Oh and the lilac trees are full of green buds so with a couple more warm days and then the rain it will pop them fast! cant wait they are just beautiful and the aroma in the air is breathtaking when they bloom!!
Well hope yall have a blessed weekend and all get to enjoy some nice weather out there!! I am resting but plan on goin outside and sitting in that warm sun a bit this afternoon, maybe will take a journal book with me and watch and write about the chickens running around!! LOL they are always fun to watch!!
Talk to yall soon!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What precious chicks! They look so soft and sweet, but take a look at their eyes, their eyes look very DETERMINED!!! They are going to get out there and scratch up some BUGS and WORMS as soon as they get the chance!

Your boys sure were sweet to hang out with you after probably had to curl up like a pretzel so they could get their beauty naps...

Can't wait for more farm pics and posts!