Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Monday

Happy Happy spring monday!! It is lookin abit more like spring round here anyway, but raining and cold, the grass is sure gettin bright green and oh cant wait to smell the freshly cut grass, which will be right round the corner. It was an absolutely beautiful weekend here and almost 73 degrees on sat but kind of gloomy and rainy on sunday and only in the 50s. The little seedlings in the greenhouse and coming up nice, usually we dont plant outdoors til memorial day weekend and believe me I am waiting til then!! Every year i get overly anxious to have some bloomin flowers around the house and then out of the blue all of a sudden BAM!! a late frost and they are done in!! NO MORE I SAY!! NO MORE EARLY PLANTING!! I did get a beautiful pink azalea from one of my favorite doctors while in the hospital and a very dear dear friend brought me a bloomin easter lily so those are in the kitchen bay window adding such nice colors, another friend made me a very cool necklace and gave me a scarf to wear, and then another dear friend (family by choice) brought me a super pink pair of pjs and some chocolates and a lovely jasmine scented bath and body gift set. We had alot to haul home from the hospital that week.
I am on the mend and just taking things slowly, sure are learning my limits though i have to say!! NO pushing myself right now I gotta be good!! My boys are sure lovin spending so much time on the couch with me!! LOL of cource i love being with them as much as possible. In fact my parents took us out to dinner last night, OH AND I DID finally find some black marble look floor tiling!!! yeah!! (will show ya a pic when we have this cabinet done we are using it on) anyway after dinner hubby wanted to run in the grocery store and get his pepsi and snacks for during the week well after dinner we were on our way and parked and both said let's just go home! We both missed our boys so much we couldnt wait to get back home so tonight he has to go to the store instead!! LOL I know we are quite a pair huh!!! LOL
Ok so that is about all that is new round here, nothing too excitin' but am lookin forward to a week of gettin something accomplished. My plans today are to work maybe on a few scrappy things that i have been thinkin up and watch a couple of movies we recorded over the weekend!! so with that said I will leave yall for right now and talk to ya soon!!
Take Care and have a happy happy monday!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Ha ha, we are often out and suddenly start missing "our girls" (2 big dumb ole dogs) and will skip going someplace extra so we can run home and see them...they always act so delighted to see us, they can't really jump anymore but they sort of hop around on stiff legs...we got them special beds so they can get up and lie down more easily...we all gettin' old around here honey...

Glad you are on the mend!!!