Saturday, May 16, 2009

First market sat!!

Here are some of my goodies and some pics of my first market day in South Haven, MI!!
IT was WINDY AND BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR COLD!! but it was fun and nice to see all my customers come out!! I did finish some more things yesterday to take so here is a list of what i had for the week::
Lemon poppyseed, banana nut, loaded carrot cake, zucchini pineapple, my recipe of cinnamon applesauce and lemon muffins. Cherry Turnovers, loated oatmeal cookies, cookie pops, dipped rice krispy pops, cream cheese topped carrot cake muffins, mini loaves of quick breads, some triple dipped pretzels, mini lemon bundt cakes topped with raspberry flavored cream cheese frosting, butter cupcakes with chocolate frosting and some pieces of strawberry rhubarb pie. Oh and a few loaves of glazed pistachio bread.......... i think that was it for this market!! Now next week we are doing 2 markets so my mom and I are making hot pepper jelly and strawberry preserves tomorrow and I would like to start making some pickeled asparagus too. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!! I quit my job to do this!! LOL and I LOVE IT!! TOO MUCH FUN AND NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! STRESS!!! LOL

The greenhouse folks on the south side of me have absolutely amazing potted big plants!!

It was cold but quite a few customers did come out to buy things.

Love my red and white gingham!!! I even found red checkered pattered scrapbook paper that I am making all my price tags out of!! LOL

Here are my friends all natural TOTALLY ORGANIC body products!! and they smell sooooo yummy!!
So hope yall have a great super duper sat night!~ will try to remember to take the cam with me to take some pics at the kitchen tomorrow!! Now we gotta catch up on some shows we recorded thru the week and didnt see yet!!


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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Your booth looks great! I hope that the weather moderates and next week's market will be warmer and even more people coming out to it. Your list of goodies sounds so mouth-watering! And the bath and body items look GREAT!!!