Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thunderin Tues


Wow we are gettin a storm right now, nice and heavy rain and some thunderin comin across the lake now, it is just crazy here one min it is super windy then calm as can be!! THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM I GUESS!~! We need the rain better yet the gardens and farms need the rain. SO YEAH!!!!!! Ok so went and baked today, here is the line up thus far for markets, chunky strawberry jelly, my glazed pistachio bread, banana nut muffins, a couple of each cherry, apple walnut, and peach pies, lemon tea cake cookies, chunky peanut peanut butter cookies, strawberry banana bread, chunky and fruity granola cereal, fresh strawberry pies and some double chocolate cream cheese brownies!! WHICH by the way make the kitchen smell just devine when baking!! and they are truly yummy!!

Tomorrow a dear friend is comin over to help me bake for market and an order I got so we will sure have fun!! I have to run and go out and chick on everyone in the barnyard so hope yall have a blessed evening!!



DONT FORGET IF YALL ARE NEAR SAUGATUCK!! stop on in the Summertime Market off Blue Star Highway!! they have somethin for everyone!!!



Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I so wish I lived near you! I would go to the market and just buy, buy, buy all your goodies up!

I hope you get rain! We need it bad too. The grass is parched and even the cactus is shriveling up.

craftychick said...

OMGOODNESS!! I bet we would have soooooooo much fun!! Probably laugh the day away!!
Gosh hope you get that rain no good when cactus are shriveling!!Poor things! we got alot and is still rainin now!!