Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tues howdy

Hey Yall!!
Hope yall had a great monday!! Mine was quite busy I canned chunky strawberry jelly, hot hot pepper jelly, strawberry topping (which is a favo at market, a thin jelly with some chunks of strawberries great for deserts or ice cream) and also some of our Aunt Lillians shortcake mixes. My mom and brother and I went out for ice cream too in the late afternoon after she closed the shop. We did have quite a bit of a storm last night, raining buckets of water for about 15 min then slowly stopped and the sun came back out and it was chilly. That is our crazy weather, everywhere I hear that we are gonna have below normal temps this summer which is ok then we dont have to have the ac on as much! I dont care for it too cool in the house but my hubby and Buster Brown have a difficult time in hot weather.
I am off to deliver an order of some jellies and granola and mixes today to a store that is opening tomorrow in Saugatuck!! Stop on in they are off of Blue Star Highway just south of the river if you are heading north to Saugatuck on your left hand side. ( i will take my dig cam with me this afternoon and take some pics) Summertime Market it is all local goodies!! I think they will do good it is a great location with plenty of parking and they have dressed up the building perfect for a market!! Then I am off to the kitchen to play and bake and maybe make some more jelly!!

So I hope everyone has a blessed day i will try to post pics tomorrow after baking.

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Those jellies sure sound good! And the dessert topping could turn something plain into a real treat!

I love the AC but I don't love the bill. But we have 3 old black-furred animals and they get so hot that they just flop down under the vent where the air blows on one side and there is cool tile underneath them! And then they snooze the day away!!!