Friday, June 5, 2009


OK well get this!! On tues night I went out with Buster to round up the chicks and close everyone in for the night, well so I was walkin along and felt a big ol OUCH!! looked down and low and behold stepped on a board with a nail in it! I reached down to pull this quickly out of my foot and couldnt, tried again and forget it it wouldnt budge!! So hopped on over to my truck to honk the horn for hubby, well of cource he was sittin on the couch watchin tv with the surround sound on WAY too loud to hear anything around him!! so I got Buster to bark but still nothing, by this time the pain was intense and I just wanted this piece of metal the heck out of my foot!! I hopped to the walkway and that was as far as i could go, so threw some small rocks at the house which drove Barney nutso in the house!! LOL he jumped ontop of the kitchen cabinet and was havin a fit lookin thru the bay window out to me. Hubby seen him on counter and ran to get him down and looked out to see me havin a fit for him to come outside NOW!!
So after a few minutes he yanked that thing out!! Thank heavens but then it started to throb horrible. So went inside to soak it in peroxide and then empsom salt water, put an ice pack on it and kept it elevated and went to bed!! First of all I would like to say this was just a small piece of wood, a smiley face cut out actually! YES mine, I made these pumpkin faces out of 3/4 scrap wood last fall and drilled a hole and placed a big ol spike nail in the middle to stick it in a pumpkin. CUTE yes they were a hit at the shows and for the life of me I have no idea how this smile made it's way to where it was in some leaves and with the nail face up too!! so wear nice soled shoes, i just had on a pair of sloggers garden slip on shoes, and watch where you are walking too!! That dang thing went thru the shoe, and made a hole thru my sock and the tip of it came out the side of my big toe. SO went to urgent care on wed as it was purple and so swollen I could not get a pair of shoes on and the pain was terrible, no sleep and no comfort. So had to get a tetnus shot, 2 antibiotics as it was already infected, and a pain reliever and anti inflammatory and have been doin hot water epsom salt soaks at least 4 times a day. Today it was much better however I did miss the market yesterday but will be in South Haven tomorrow!! limpin along I will be there!
So here is what is on the list of goodies for tomorrow::
Banana nut cakes, glazed pistachio bread, butter streusel topped banana bread, zucchini nut bread, apple cream cheese walnut pie, mini cream cheese filled pies with apricot slices, apple pie cake slices, homemade tortilla chips baked with cinnamon sugar or garlic and herbs, spinach pies, apricot crumb cake slices, buttermilk biscuits, cheddar pepper bread, 7 up cake and some cowpoke cookies (my recipe using cherry chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, coconut) I think that is about it.
I will be back with some market pics for yall tomorrow!!
Have a blessed night and take care!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Gracious, I can't concentrate on the goodies like I usually do, because I am thinking about your poor foot!!!

That is just awful! Honey you can't fool around with injuries like that, they go bad FAST and thank goodness you are on antibiotics now. You sure kept your head when it happened and what luck that Barney was smart enough to raise a ruckus at your rock-throwing!!! Good boy Barney!!! I hope you got a big ol' milkbone for a reward!!!