Monday, June 22, 2009

Produce, baked goods and market pics

Here are some of the homemade soaps we have.
MY STRAWBERRY BANANA BREAD was a BIG hit at both markets this week!~

Some produce ready for sale.

A dear friend made me this beautiful wreath of sweet peas so I hung it on one of the old recycled screens I have hanging on the outside of the farmstand. I love the sign I hung on top of it too!!!

A side pic of our little farmstand.

Some pretty onions!!

Radishes, and they are yummy!!

Peach pies I made last week for market

Banana sunflower muffins I made

A few goodies cooling at the bakery

Some breads drizzled with a vanilla glaze.

Here are some pics from the Allegan Michigan farmerst market on thurs

We had a horrible patch of tstorms come thru last week and the kitchen lost power but for once we didnt at home! knock on wood too!! We usually always have to pull out the generator in the early summer from some bad storms but it really hit the cliff and almost bounced over us and went inland 3 miles and boy was there damage!! we seen big ol trees uprooted and tons of big limbs and branches down all over, and the flooding was horrible in Holland which is aoubt 20 min north of us. Roads actually were either closed or GONE from all the torrntial rains we got!! Bust we survived a ok!!

WHEW!! what a busy weekend, we had more planting to do and we also had a busy day at market on sat and fathers day sunday!! BTW HAPPY LATE FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE FATHERS OUT THERE!! hope you had a restful fun day!!!
Well I have a couple of new recipes I have thought of this weekend to make this week for market. The little buttermilk shortcakes were a big hit and they sold well at the farmstand here at home this weekend too. I think they will be great with mixed berries when the raspberries and blueberries are ready. Gosh that sounds good for tonight may have to pull some out of the freezer and make it for a midnight (right 9pm is more like it) snack!!LOL
IT IS OFFICIALLY SUMMER we closed all the windows t0night and put on the ac!! YEPPER the air is running!! Buster and his daddy dont good in the humid heat of summer so it was time to break down and turn it on. I love the windows open but actually it is almost 85 degrees right now so it is a bit hot.
I hope yall have a super duper monday night and will chat more this week got more pics to take ya know!!!


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Happy Summer,and oh I wish I could get to your market...everything looks divine!