Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunshiney Sunday!!

I had an order go to a new shop opening in Saugatuck SUMMERTIME MARKET!! they are gonna carry all local homemade home grown produce. A great indoor market if yall are in the area stop on by and see them! They are just before Saugatuck off Blue Star Highway before the river if you are heading north and just after if you are heading south! GREAT stuff there for sale TOO!
Some of the packages of biscuit mix I made up for Summertime Market LOVE that red and white gingham ya know!!

Here is my dear neighbor John and a dear friend John at market!! John on the right brought some of his great strawberries and John on the left brings some gorgeous organic plants and organic produce which I love his apricots by the way!! LOL.

chunky peanut peanut butter cookies

My mom's flower shop, this is where I want to incorporate the bakery items, just trying to find display cases yet!!

Chocolate Chip cookies

The start of carrot cake muffins.

Here are some of the pastries and danish!! Cheese danish, chocolate croissants and almond croissants!!

Mini tarts with cream cheese filling

Carrot cake slices, and biscuit mixes

South Haven Farmers Market on sat.

HEY YALL~~ Hope ya had a super duper week!! I went and baked just about everyday I could this week. Here's the list from market:

zucchini nut bread, butter streusel topped banana bread, lemon poppyseed muffins, banana nut cake muffins, loaded old fashioned carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, carrot cake muffins, my recipe for a super double dark chocolate brownie with cream cheese filling and chocolate chips!! YUMMO chocolate and cream cheese there's nothing better!LOL, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip chunky peanut butter cookies, glazed lemon tea cakes, parmesan and rosemary soft breadstick twists, rosemary and onion buns, apple pie with cream cheese filling and nuts, mini blueberry pies, espresso mocha cake, mini tarts filled with cream cheese and topped with fresh fruit, peach and cherry turnovers, and then the weekly special ones people request. The brownies were gone fast and I actually had 3 people come back and say they want them again next week and they were DELICIOUS!! yeah!! I love them too!! LOL So it was quite a busy week, this week I have a few appointments to go to so will have to make the most of my baking time. I am planning on canning a batch of my strawberry apricot jam and also some rosemary jelly since my plants are full enough to trim now.!!

We had some great rain this week and everything outside is just flourishing. All the fruit trees and bushes are lookin mighty fine I must say and lots of fruit is setting!!

Well I better run and get my farmstand open here and also am running late in doin chores so I am sure my animals are gettin mad!! Especially those chickens! they have scratchin and diggin and bugs to find!! LOL I am filling the new duck pool today since theirs was blown out !! I usually go thru 2 a year that is if hubby stays away from it! last summer he was cuttin the grass nearby and got too close and it split the side out!! then early last winter we got alot of snow overnight and while i was driving back to the coop I well didnt see it and ran it over!! keep in mind this is nothin fancy just a kids 8 foot round little pool but still you cant really find them all year!! i am gonna buy another one and put it in the barn for those "just in cases" OOPPSS!!

So have a blessed sunday and will chat more this week....




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