Wednesday, June 24, 2009


OK we are in SUMMER!! it got almost 90 degrees yesterday and today is suppossed to be 90~~it already is hot and humid outside and only 6.30 in the am! Oh well it is sure nice to be warm and everything looks so alive with color outside. Plus i am thankful we have air my hubby and Buster just cant take the heat good anymore they both lay around in the house when it gets too hot.
Well another baking day today, yesterday a friend came and we made all sorts of goodies including some more strawberry banana bread, some chocolate chip orange brownies, streusel topped strawberry rhubard muffins, chunky granola bars, rosemary cheese mini loaves, apricot almond biscotti, a rhubarb pie for an order for market tomorrow, buttermilk shortcakes and I think that was it. Today is pistachio bread, bundt cakes, cheddar pepper bread, some kind of a cookie or two and cinnamon raisin bread. SOOOOOO I better get off puter and get myself ready to go.
Have a blessed day and hope yall are enjoying the summer thus far!!


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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Our summer is so dry and hot so far...we rarely have the humidity, so I think the heat feels worse to those who live outside the desert and it can really be a danger, I'm sorry to see so much of the nation in a terrible heat wave.

You and your friend have just been baking maniacs!!! It all sounds so good. Hope the market goes really well!!!