Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summertime Market pics

Strawberry Rhubarb streusel topped muffins for market tomorrow
My newest creation!! cinnamon raisin swirl bread, this is prebaked, cinnamon and brownsugar, and raisins are rolled into the bread then it is topped with some melted butter and sprinkeled with more brown sugar and cinnamon!! oh my goodness did the kitchen smell yummy when this was baking!! I cant believe it but i didnt take any post baking pics, they do look gorgeous!! I want to eat one!! LOL

These were an experiment gone OH SO RIGHT yesterday, rosemary sandwich loaves filled with more rosemary and asiago, parmesean, mozzarella, swiss and some kosher salt. AND they are super yummy!!

ARENT THESE FLOWERS GORGEOUS!! they will have seasonal fresh flowers there for sale too.

Inside counter pics. Andrew and Melissa were busy settin up when I got there this am so not everything is in place but wanted some pics to share with ya.

YUMMY radishes!!

Some maple syrup, my jams, cookies, and some honey

Outside store.
HEY THERE YALL!~ I took some pics of the new SUMMERTIME MARKET IN SAUGATUCK MI~~ I have jellies and mixes and some shortcakes oh and my granola cereals, and granola mixes there. I love how rustic and country but yet sophisticated it looks!! COOL HUH!!?~~LIVE LIFE JOYFULLY~~and SIMPLY~~


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

The jams and honey and jelly display on the crates looks awesome! What a neat place! And yr baked goods look delectable, even the raw cinnamon bread looks mighty tasty!!!

Karen said...

Love your blog! Saw you post on delphi forums, and had to check it out. Your stuff looks yummy. So, do you do Farmer's Markets or something on your own more? I've done a lot of shows, mostly at Christmas. Was considering doing some this summer, but haven't really made myself decide to do it yet lol. I do bake a little for the store down the road from me, so it keeps me a little busy. Karen