Monday, November 5, 2012

new flavor week

Hey there!!
Well I so love creating new combinations and flavors and this past week was no exception!!  While cooking down some fresh apples I had one of those moments..............hmmmmmmm maybe this wont be applesauce I thought to myself.  So threw in some frozen red rapsberries and let that simmer to thicken up, added just a touch of honey for sweetness and oh my goodness!!! can we say super yumminess!!! What an awesome combo!!! 
Originally I wanted to use this as maybe a pie or crisp filling but then Mary wanted to make some crumb bars and welllllllllllll it just fit to use this delish filling!!

The textrture of this butter oat cust and topping is so wonderully tasty!

 The bars were a huge hit at market sat~
one of the bars just had to be cut up for us to sample! LOL

Italian herbed pizza crusts resting

And...................... another super yummy and oh so delish flavor combo!!!  Bluebery almond!! Oh my word things just keep getting tastier round here!! 

Mary did up loaves and also the beautiful bundt cake. 

I so love how she did the nice thick almond glaze ontop "farmgirl bling" (yes I corrupted here into doing the bling thing at the kitchen" LOL)
and the sliced almonds on top look gorgeous!!  These were a huge hit and all sold very quickly at market sat!

I so want to dig in to this cake right now for breakfast!  LOL

here was a loaf that wellllll just didnt look like the had to sample that out for us!! and oh my yes definetly will be made again and again!

cheddar topped foccacia

and a few pics of our market booths from sat! It was our first official winter market in South Haven at Foundry Hall.  My booth

Jeff in back who is Joanns hubby and he is so much fun to spend a market day with!!  He has a wonderful laugh that is just true and contagious!!

My friends with Summer Sun farm 

This is Lindsey from Lake Shore Farms and sorry but I just cannot remember the other gals name! sorry!!

They brought beautiful produce too!  taters adn more taters

So that is all I have time for this am, I have to take hubby to an oral surgeon, another bad tooth that needs to come out!! He was in so much pain he came in the house with a few plyers wanting me to pull it out friday!! NOT! I will do alot for him but I am not about to pull a tooth out!!
I will be back soon tomorrow will be a full baking day with what else..........more new flavor combos!
Cant wait!!
Have a great day!!


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