Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jan 10th already!!  Goodness time flies when you are having fun doesnt it?  Well we have no snow left it has been in the 40s round here! Crazy winter weather.   Hopefully we dont have a repeat of last winter, we lost 90% of our fruit crop here in mi and gee hope and pray we dont do that again!!  I dont have much left in the freezer so want to replenish with our fruits. 
Hope everyone is doing well out there and with the new year comes new inspirations!!  I have a ton of new products to work on and am currently working on making something for a valentines swap over at my other family forum!! primitive and rustic decorating over at delphi!! Love that place!!

The boys are all out of bed and laying with me here on the couch in living room, perfect way to start my day.  I am heading over to the kitchen for a bit, ciabatta baking day, some dog cookies, graham crackers and finishing up my chickpea veggie burgers for the freezer.

They announced on the tv morning news today that this is the worst flu season for decades!!  Scary!! Makes you want to stay in your home and lock up tightly!!  I didnt get a flu shot but am almost considering running over to walgreens and get one!  I think they are still giving them.

Have yall checked out the creative times magazine?  I finished and sent in the next article for the march/april issue, hint hint has some burlap ideas!!   Love burlap!! Bought some and am excited to make some new projects with it!! I watched the show junk gypsies and oh my goodness gracious, they made burlap curtains for a bedroom and used old vintage lace/trims from wedding dresses!!   You can find gorgeous wedding dresses cheap at local thrift stores I may just have to get one I would so love curtains for my craft studio! and what would be more perfect!!!
Are you making any burlap crafts these days?  Boy maybe I should do a challenge on here for yall showcasing your burlap creations!!
HMMMMMMMMMMMM... thinking that will be coming up in next post!!
Hope yall have a wondeful rest of your week!
Be back soon....
and my "boys" on the couch!!


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