Saturday, August 29, 2015


Hey yall!! 
Well its august and I am finally having some time to post on my poor neglected blog.  Sorry!!  I got a laptop so it will be easier for me to actually make time to get on puter these days.   Things are moving along nicely at the café, it has been 4 months now and what a ride that has been feels like a year!!  LOL  
I am actually at market right now and its rainy and chilly.  IT is refreshing though and not windy!! yeah!  But I have to say I have a tshirt, sweater and now a rain jacket on and I am cold!! BRRR! 
Instead of making my lemonade I should have brought hot cocoa!! LOL that would work for me and maybe some hot soup!    Oh well I only have a few more hours and then can go home and curl up under a nice thick warm blanket with the boys. 
So I have sure enjoyed making  lots of new things!  I made homemade mozzarella cheese and boy what a difference from store bought!  and who would have thought it really was easy peasy!  Just really follow directions closely if u want to make it!! 
Also I have whipped up so many soups, it amazes me on hot humid 90degree days people want homemade soup!  I have done tomato basil which was absolutely divine!  cold cucumber which I never had made before and it surprisingly was delish,  cold gazpacho which is always yummy, calico bean with fresh swiss chard and 3 beans and oh so yummy, some of my gingered carrot soup which was very popular, and some chicken tortilla that I could have ate every day and not been sick of it and it was delish as a dip with chips.  I love to make thick and chunky soups that are very hearty and full of veggies and herbs.  And I love to make herbed veggie broth to use for gravy and soup bases.  
I am looking at buying an electric push button pressure cooker/canner?  Any thoughts on one?  I grew up scared to death of that dang spinning top on my moms old cooker that flew off and hit the ceiling in the kitchen and put a hole in it!!  When ever she brought that big ol pot out I ran out of the room for fear of my life~!  But now am thinking these new fancy dancy ones might be safer to be around! 
I have also become a pro at makin nut butters!  We make almond, honey cashew and peanut at the café and they are soooo yummy!  We even have a few customers that come in for toast and nut butter.  
I will try to figure out how to get my digital camera program installed on here now or maybe I can get a cable? usb? thingy to get pics from my phone and start posting pics next!  You can see some of our dishes. 
I also am on instagram with a lot of pics!!  under chicken scratch farm or Darlene Stumpf-Westfahl
Hope yall have a wonderful day!  
Be back soon!! hugs!

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