Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Well we are in another blizzard storm watch!  Its been snowing all morning and we are supposed to get anywhere from 6-10 inches today thru tomorrow night.  ITs feb we usually get a storm in feb or two so nothing out of the ordinary here.  The wind is strong and its cold!!  BRRRR!! 
Spring is coming!  Cant wait!! spring time means babies!! baby chicks and who knows what else we will have.  LOL
I made a batch of lavender goats milk soap with some shea butter mixed in.  Smells so yummy!!

Letting it dry out before packaging for market.  I want to try some rosemary citrus and maybe lemongrass.

My lavender shortbread cookies!!  SO yummy and smell so nice!!

These are my espresso cream filled espresso cookie pies!!  These are a big hit at market with espresso powder in the cookie and in the cream filling.  Nice jolt to get the day going~ LOL  I am sipping on a cup of vanilla cappacino right now! yumm!!
So thought I would share what we did this summer.  My x has an old smoker house on the property, they used to smoke whole hogs there back in the day, one of the sections of garage was actually a butcher shop.  So we decided to get some meats and try it out.

We bought, chicken legs, whole pork loins, ribs, beef roasts, beef ribs and pork butts. 

This is the ribs just out of the smoker, we cut up onions, and fresh garlic and our mix of a bbq rub.  OH these were the best!!!  We did do some marinade on the chicken and the roasts using apple juice, onions, garlic, salt, pepper, and some dried herbs.  WOW! it was sooo good, we kept checking on it and added wood, smoked chips, and charcoal.  Started at 8am and were finished in time for supper around 7pm.  It was so delish, we had suppers all week from this and gave some to daughter in law and her family and a friend.  We even did it 2 more times a month later.  Its pretty large so kind of a waste to do just a little.
Well I am off to work on some canvas paintings I am doing, well altering a bit too!  will share pics as soon as they are done and ready to sell.


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