Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hey yall! Summer is here!

WOW its almost July!!  This summer is flying by.
The other day I knelt down on the ground to work and here runs my crazy little goat who is now named Dennis the menace!! LOL jumped on my back and stood there.  He is so much fun!!  Now any time I sit on ground or work he comes running and wants piggy back rides!!  HAHA!!

We enjoyed some of our fresh berries in a nice strawberry shortcake cup I made for market.  Had to make a couple for us to try.

and here's Dennis again! 

Made some fresh cool cucumber soup!  This is good on a hot day with homemade bread.  A bit of fresh dill, garlic, onions, sour cream, and yummy!

I made a batch of coleslaw and had to take a pic of the colors!  so pretty!  Love homemade slaw, usually I leave it in slivers but we had company coming for dinner and I thought so everyone can enjoy it I put it thru the food processor to grind it a bit.  Still yummy!!

Also made some cilantro lime sauce for pork tacos, just pulse mayo, sour cream, fresh cilantro, fresh parsley,  juice from 3 limes, a couple cloves of fresh garlic and a touch of salt and pepper and one jalapeno pepper for a bit of heat.

Heres my boy!  Appy  who turned 30 in april.  I have had the guy in my life for 24 years and just love him to pieces.  He is so beautiful and even though is blind he gets around great. 
Curly and Maybelle alpacas.  I have them at my farm now, wont go into details but going thru a divorce and the x is being quite a snot and only "let" me have these 2 alpacas and I had to fight for them but that's ok I have them at least.

FINALLY!  My honey cinnamon graham crackers are back!!  I have been out for a few weeks but had a chance to make them and will hopefully every week again.  Theres just too many things I want to make and not enough time to make them!! LOL

And another with Dennis!!

Maybelle is such a cutie pie! 

I am using up some stash of supplies I have and made these t shirt scarves, they are fun and have been selling at market

And heres the other boy.  Baby my blind little goat.  He is such a sweetheart.  He was jumping around yesterday and acting crazy!  Guess Dennis is rubbing off on him a bit! LOL  They both just love to be held and petted, glad I got them so young. 
Life is crazy as we are in full market mode now. I have  been doing a bit of painting also making signs of pallet boards, just need to go get pallets I had a good supply of them but they are at the xs house and I am positive I wont get them so will be on the lookout for more!!  People are making all kinds of things out of pallets so they are scarce.  Great recycling ideas though. 
Hope yall have a wonderful weekend I will be back soon with more things to share. 


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