Sunday, May 4, 2008

Some of our Flock

Happy Sunny Day!! Here's some pics of some of our flock, they are in the big pen we built just waiting for me to open the gate and let them run!! We have such a problem with hawks and coyotes that we had to build this pen that is 50 feet long and 18 feet wide complete with handsewn chicken wire top so they are safe when i am not home. The white palm turkeys are so pretty we have 1 hen and 2 toms and those boys strut their stuff so proudly!! We have 4 geese which are also pretty and NOT aggressive thank goodness, then the guinneas which are very cool, they are the watch dogs of the barnyard. We also have 3 white peking ducks and one female mallard which is our "little duck Annie" who by the way does not go in the duck pool for some reason but she is adorable and small. I kept joking that i was going to write a kids book about the duck that doesnt like water!! Then there are my "girls" our hens we have all kinds and them some, since we hatch our own eggs we get some really pretty different looking girls. Auracanas, white rock, barred rock, rhode island reds, sultans, crested polish, silkies, and a couple of frizzles which are absolutely adorable. They are in the pic on top in the cage as they are still quite young and very friendly too!! It is cold here so wont do too much in the greenhouse today we got a light frost the other night and it has really put things on hold for a bit. We need to clean out the horse barn and spread that manure on back garden then maybe cut some grass if it dries out more. BUT the sun is shining and bright so all is good!!
Have a blessed day.

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