Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Meet The Twins!!

This is my BUSTER napping with his little brother Barney!! They are always touching each other and as you can see Barney loves to sleep on top of Buster!! TOO cute guys!! Barney is now 5 months old too.

Happy JUNE!! Summer is finally on it's way round here! It is suppossed to be in the 80's this week and i am just lovin it!!!YEAH!~!
Here are pics of a very dear dear friend's twins!! Jill your babies are too stinkin cute!! ARENT they just the cutest things!! They are just so special makes ya wanna have at least a couple!! I believe they were just almost 2 weeks old when we were there and took these pics.

The veggies are coming along nicely, we have been cutting lettuce and spinach and of cource more asparagus!! Love asparagus!! In fact we grilled some sat night and yes believe it or not actually had a few left so not to waste them added them to our sun mornin omlet!! and oh that was just yummy!!!

thru a bestest friend in the whole world MARY a door has opened in my life and a wonderful opportunity!!! THANKS again MARY!! I am able to do my baking in a fully licensed baking kitchen so now the possiblities are goin to be endless on what to make!!! Gosh my mind is running on overdrive on where to start!! My plans are to make all natural yummy dog treats with inspiration from none other than my beloved BUSTER, and he wants them named "BUSTER BITES" if by chance someone has another name using Buster i am open to suggesstions***hope to offer them on my etsy site to start. The kitchen belongs to a lovely gal and she is a pastry chef!! OH this could be dangerous for my figure as i am a pastry pig!!! LOL so of cource hope to offer alot more variety at market including some homemade jams and jellies too. WOW what a new world!! It is amazing how the people you meet and the friendships that you build affect your life in so many ways. And like i believe when one door closes another opens!! True friendship is just around the corner sometimes!!

Happy June and have a wonderfully blessed week!!

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