Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall greetings

Well only 2 market days left =( the summer has just flewn by and dont remember half of it!! WHAT happened to those long dog days of summer?? As we grow up and get a bit older those long days arent so long anymore!!! Do you remember days that you were actually bored as a kid and complained about having nothing to do?? GOSH growin up on a farm there was always something to do and of cource chores all the time but still boredom did occasional set in. NOW however there are just NOT enough hours in the day to be bored!! Do you have that same problem? Well we planted a few flats of arugula and spinach and am tryin some beans in the greenhouse, which are all sprouted now! hoping they will produce something before the cold sets in but i am thinkin i will put at least a small light bulb hangin out there to keep it a bit warmer. Gotta go cut some blueberry bushes for cuttings and will plant them in pots to see what happens. I sure am wanting some fresh picked greens for a nice spinach salad!! Well will wait as the store greens just dont compare. Above is a pic of our Silly Dilly Beans, our green beans pickeled and canned. they are wonderful on a salad, as an appetizer, on a veggie tray or just eatin out of jar. Plus after picking some of our peaches we made peach butter. This weekend my mom and I are making spiced thick n chunky applesauce with some of our extra apples.

Oh well really gettin in to altered art wearables now too!! LOVE charm bracelets and necklaces so here's pics of a couple i did this week. They are on my etsy site chick em out if ya get a minute. Also am goin to make some soldered glass ones which my glass is on its way in the mail so will post pics of them and am goin to be takin special orders on them. My first one will be of my "boys" of cource!

I will post a few market pics and since we are at our peak colors here which is absolutely stunning this year will take some pics if the sun is out tomorrow. Hope yall have a great rest of week and weekend!!

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