Sunday, October 26, 2008

New creations for me

Well here are pics of 2 of my altered baby books i finished. I love love love the sepia pics they are how i want to make the papers actually look now!! LOL well just playin with dig cam to see what i havent tried before. I am still havin difficulties with taking close ups though!! URRRRGGGGGGG!!! I took a couple pics of my additions to my altered wearable jewelry i am making for my upcomin craft shows. They are fun and we pulled out the ol glass cutter bought several years ago at a show but NEVER have even used that dang thing so NOW hehehehe will play with it to make small charm bracelet altered pieces!!

Now that yesterday was the last market day for us =( will miss all my market buds that is for sure!! will have lots more time to "create". Hopefully work wont get in the way too much!!LOL


It is so danged windy here it is blowin all our beautiful colored leaves around and down like a rain downpour but the "girls" (our chickens) are runnin here and there all over the farm lovin this sunny cool day. I do have some flats of greens planted in my little greenhouse and the spinach is doin wonderful and the arugula so hopefully our friends and us will enjoy them into early winter time. My mom and I are plannin on cannin more of our applesauce and then some apple butter yet and that is about it for awhile. Will hopefully have extra made when market opens up next spring to take along. Well better get my self busy here and get in my craft room and CREATE!! yeah~~ have a wonderful rest of the weekend!! TAKE CARE and dont forget to live each day fully!!!

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