Thursday, October 30, 2008

UP at 3am

Ok well Barney our puppy got me up being a wild dog at 3 this am so got a cup of coffee and went to my craft room. WHERE else would a girl go at 3 am??? LOL ok well here are a couple pics of the altered microscope slide pendants into ornaments i made. PLUS this country farm girl LOVES charm bracelets so made one with my "boys" pics on it. This will make you laugh, i was big into FFA in high school and my mom and dad bought me a charm bracelet with PIGS on it!! YES pigs in different pastel colors and i still have that bracelet too!
SO made one for myself and will make a few to sell at my upcoming shows. I am going to start a blog just on my altered stuff called Altered Wearables by Chicken Scratch. Does that sound ok?? Since my crafts are Chicken Scratch Primitives and well the farm is Chicken Scratch Farm and Bake shoppe.
Ok well hope yall have a super duper wonderful day. The sun is shinin out here and it actually is almost 50 outside and not windy!! YEAH!!
Talk to ya soon

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simple~needs said...

what a great blog!
i am adding you to my blog roll.