Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wild wed

What a great baking day!!  We got so much done for market tomorrow I am very pleased and tired....LOL
so a couple of newbies to the baking family
One being a 6inch cheesecake that is topped with some homemade apricot preserves and fresh blueberries

I am so tempted to cut into one tonight but I will be good!  LOL  the crust on it is crushed toasted almonds and pate' brisee.  Basically a nice and light and flaky buttery crust with almonds.

Lemon buttermilk cakes with blueberries and a nice lemon glaze

More hamb/sandwich buns

My choc dipped coconut macaroons, so yummy! 

Another newbie: I decided to some mini pies since I didnt have alot of pie dough left, diced up peaches and a bit of an oatmeal crisp topping and these little gems are good to go.  And yummy! I had one stick in the pan and didnt look very pretty after gettin it out so had to welllllllllllll sample it!! Quality assurance at it's best here!!

Banana bread, banana strawberry bread and also my zucchini pineapple breads done

Another new flavor of shortbread:  chocolate chip orange with at touch of grand marnier in it!  Note to self: next time add 3 tbsp grand marnier

Plenty of muffins

These were the almond crusts for the cheesecakes

So along with all that we got some of my peanut butter cookie pies done, cookies and some baguette bread too.
Tomorrow is Allegan Market so hope to see ya there.
Have a super night!!

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