Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It is HOT!!

My goodness it is hot and not just hot it is really really HOT!  This is so unusual for MI to be so warm this long! we took the "boys" swimming in the lake the other night and it wasnt even refreshing, the water was warmer than bath water!! LOL oh well Buster Brown loves swimming so that was well worth goin for.
My mom has been planting and plantin in some new gardens around the farmstead lately and they needed some..........?? Chickens of cource!! LOL

 I cut these out of wood and attached them onto metal stakes.  There are 5 more ready to be finished and attached so they can play and scratch with the other girls!
This garden in on the corner of the property right by my big farm sign.

A newbie for markets!!  I made some lavender shortbread mini pie shells, filled them with a non dairy homemade whipped cream and topped them off with a dollop of homemade lemon curd

My mom and I picked enough black raspberries last night for 2 more batches of jam.

The blueberries are ripening and are huge this year!! and oh so tasty!!

Peach crisp

Banana blueberry muffins and breads

A wonderful recipe that will be a sure keeper!!  almond poppyseed muffins and bread, with an orange almond glaze (will do glaze tomorrow)

This is a jazzed up version of my grandma Rose's southern buttermilk biscuits!!  Lemon poppyseed that will be used for some blueberry and cream shortcakes.

pistachio bread loaves and banana bread

My grandma Rose's old fashioned southern buttermilk biscuits

Almond poppy seed bread loaves.
Well as u can see we had quite a productive day and also made 2 batches of my pie dough, cranberry lemon pecan cookie dough, peanut butter cookies, lavender shortbread cookies and also some cherry almond muffins.
Tomorrow will be another full day of baking and prepping things for a big catering job I have on sunday.  Gingerman race track will be the site of the party and will be a nice brunch.  I will take more pics and share what we are working on.  I am making a new line of savory goodies called Chicken Scratch Gourmet, which first on the line up to take to market this week will be my stuffed zucchini, and fresh made bruschetta and baguette bread loaves and also if I have enough tomatoes ready a fresh pasta sauce and fettucini pasta noodles.
Have a blessed evening and try to keep cool!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wild wed

What a great baking day!!  We got so much done for market tomorrow I am very pleased and tired....LOL
so a couple of newbies to the baking family
One being a 6inch cheesecake that is topped with some homemade apricot preserves and fresh blueberries

I am so tempted to cut into one tonight but I will be good!  LOL  the crust on it is crushed toasted almonds and pate' brisee.  Basically a nice and light and flaky buttery crust with almonds.

Lemon buttermilk cakes with blueberries and a nice lemon glaze

More hamb/sandwich buns

My choc dipped coconut macaroons, so yummy! 

Another newbie: I decided to some mini pies since I didnt have alot of pie dough left, diced up peaches and a bit of an oatmeal crisp topping and these little gems are good to go.  And yummy! I had one stick in the pan and didnt look very pretty after gettin it out so had to welllllllllllll sample it!! Quality assurance at it's best here!!

Banana bread, banana strawberry bread and also my zucchini pineapple breads done

Another new flavor of shortbread:  chocolate chip orange with at touch of grand marnier in it!  Note to self: next time add 3 tbsp grand marnier

Plenty of muffins

These were the almond crusts for the cheesecakes

So along with all that we got some of my peanut butter cookie pies done, cookies and some baguette bread too.
Tomorrow is Allegan Market so hope to see ya there.
Have a super night!!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Hey YALL~~ hope you and your families has a wonderful fun filled fourth of July!~  and THANK YOU TO ALL THE MEN AND WOMEN who fight daily for our freedom!~
I cant believe it has been so long since I posted on my blog!!  SORRY!  things are just hectic and crazy busy at my markets and we had a problem with the puter so I wasnt on much last week at all.  I have been making some new treats and some old ones and new goodies.  This week since produce is coming in nicely I used up some sweet candy onions and peppers to make some salsas. 
 Pineapple black bean and Black bean pear were the two made and also I did up a gourmet tuscan pasta salad with a white balsamic vinagrette
This was really good, black kalamato olives and some fresh grated parmesan cheese and some olive oil were added to the veggies and some fresh pasta.

 black bean n pear salsa  This had a bit of heat from some jalapeno peppers but really was very tasty

Did up some foccacia breads, a parmesan topped one and also fresh rosemary topped ones.

My roasted pepper parmesan tarts went over very well.  Just made some cornmeal crusted pie dough then added some parmesan cheese, oregano, red orange and yellow sweet peppers, olive oil and a bit of kosher salt

Red raspberries are starting so I did up some raspberry muffins topped with some toasted almonds

A favo of mine  Cheese filled crumb cakes with red raspberries

packaged up and almost ready for market

So it was a busy fun week.   I have to say I ran out and bought Martha Stewarts new pies and tarts cookbook!! WHAT A SUPER BOOK!!  I love cookbooks and I do love Martha so this was a perfect adddition to my library.  I definetly reccommend this book as it has some wonderful recipes, great and easy ideas and well LOVE all the gorgeous photos!! every recipe has a photo and I love that idea.  Cant wait to make some this week!!
Lavender is ready so will be making a few goodies like my lavender lemon shortbread cookies, lavender topped lemon tarts and maybe something with lavender sorbet!!?? 
I will try to post more this week!
have a happy happy day and talk more soon!!
happy baking yall!!