Monday, August 13, 2012

Hey yall!! WOW it is almost 1/2 way thru August already!! where the heck do the days go??  wayyyyyyyyy to fast that is for sure!
So last week my mom and I were busy busy!! We had the annual blueberry festival in South Haven on saturday and then I had market thurs in Allegan plus we had lots of rain and storms again and more coming possibly tonight!!  Fingers crossed we dont loose power again!   We roasted some zucchini slices for the vegetable lasagna.  Oh my goodnes!! zucchini at it's finest here!! I will never never ever fry it again!! We sliced them lenghwise into thin strips, sprinkled with olive oil, salt and pepper then placed in a hot oven for 10 minutes.  These were better than any kind of fried veggies~~I think this week we are gonna make some zucchini chips.  Keep them in the oven a bit longer til crunchy!~~ cant wait!!~

tater gnocchi ready for sauce!

Gnocchi dressed and chillin

coconut macaroons  YUMMY!!

these are my zucchini lasagna pans

My mom decided to add a bit of bling to them and sliced up some fresh tomatoes and parm cheese

this was a squash casserole, we topped it with crumbled butter crackers, only Ritz will do for this job!! LOL and baked til golden!!

Our newest idea!! Cake cup parfaits!! We did my loaded carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and then red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting *oops forgot those pics* they looked so amazingly yummy!!

5 sheets of my cinnamon graham crackers baking

all done and baked to crunchy perfection!

red velvet cupcakes patiently waiting for their filling.  I take an apple corer, pull out the centers and add cream cheese frosting up over the top and then top with crumbled cake.  they looked wonderful!  Red velvet is probably my favo cake!!

homemade gazpacho, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, onions, herbs blended up.  I did leave it a bit on the chunky side and it was delish!!

Swiss chard, zuccchini, sweet red peppers, red onions and pork sausage sauteeed for the breakfast casseroles. 

dilly beans out of the canner

rustic round rosemary loaves  so yummy and super easy peasy to do! The recipe is in my album on pinterest  Darlene Stumpf-Westfahl

Farmers morning breakfast casserole 

my mom aka pretzel princess did 2 pans of these up.  First dipped in homemade caramel, then in our milk/dark chocolate and rolled in chopped peanuts.  
So that is about it for now to share!!  This is gonna be a full week too.  Tues night market in Kalamazoo, Thurs Allegan, Saturday South Haven, we have a full day baking tomorrow!! cookies, breads, cakes, muffins. 
Be back soon to share more!!


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Flora said...

OM Goodness, I'm drooling at all the spread , are you a caterer ??? Whomever you are preparing this glorious food for is so lucky!!!