Monday, July 30, 2012

gnocchi and more

Hey yall!!
Happy Happy monday!! Hope yall are havin a great monday.  This am I took my brother to do his volunteer work at a local food bank.  We had a good turn out of people stopping by, and everyone was super nice and thankful to all of us.  What a great group of caring people!!
Last week my mom and I made alot of goodies for markets.  We did up some potato gnocchi with chunky homemade red pepper/tomato sauce.  These are time consuming but fun to make and taste super yummy!!
I so love using fresh herbs in things well.....everything!!  They add so much flavor and really any combo of herbs is good. 

blueberry banana bread loaves

canned fresh peaches

Oh and look at the bottom shelf!!  My newest favo combo!!  pistachio red raspberry muffins with pieces of toasted pistachios on top  SUPER YUMMY AND good!!

another of my all time favo combos!! Peach n basil.   The basil just brings so much more peach flavor out it is amazing!!  I just made a simple brown sugar oat n butter crumb topping.

There they are all baked up!!

this was our spinach n eggplant parmesan.  Actually it became out supper that night!
LOL too tired to cook when I got home from the kitchen.  One word of advise.............peel eggplant!! I used very tender young eggplants, roasted them in olive oil and salt n pepper first then layered them in the pans with sauce and fresh spinach.  Well after being told you dont have to peel them I will always peel them! they were very bitter and tart... chickens liked it!

this was my zucchini parmesan sauce and herbs on bottom then layered sliced zucchinis and chopped tomatoes and sauteed onions n squash. 

and fresh basil on top!! with montery jack and cheddar and parmesan cheeses

finished peach basil for market.  Had to add just a touch of a "farmgirl bling" sliced toasted almonds and a large basil leaf. 
My mom goes in for kidney abdominal tests so hoping all things go well, we went out to lunch today and then had to go shopping for some groceries.    Spaghetti and fresh sauteed green/purple/yellow beans (fresh from our garden) for supper tonight. 
Tomorrow will be a full baking day, I have a little party to cater this week and then markets. 
Another busy week ahead of us, and another hot one for us.  it was back in the 90s and hot n humid!! 
Will be back soon to share more things!  I am anxious to work on fall prims especially my punkin head scarecrows and punkins!! 
Have a blessed evening!!


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