Thursday, July 12, 2012

almost weekend time~~

Yippee!  I cant wait for 3pm sat!! then I have the rest of sat and all of sunday to spend with my wonderful hubby and our "boys".   We just dont get enough time together anymore! both of us are busy and life is hectic so usually by the time he is getting home I am exhausted and am ready for bed! 
My mom and I had another busy week at the kitchen.  We did up lots of muffins, red raspberry butttermilk, blueberry buttermilk, lemon poppyseed, and some breads, my glazed pistachio, blueberry, raspberry, pine zucchini, and banana blueberry.  

I so love making muffins!!  And love BIG muffins!!  they rise up over the edge of pans making them so pretty!

These are the lemon poppyseed which were just lacking something.............yep yall know me!! added the "farmgirl bling" a fresh lemon glaze after they cooled off. 

here are some ready for packaging.

dilly beans

I so wish the beans would stay that pretty fresh green color!! and I did up some of our purple, green and yellow and of cource when u cook the purple ones they turn green!!  =( so pretty and would look beantastic in the 3 colors in a mason jar!! dangit!

My favo piece of kitchen equiptment!! the little hobart mixer making foccacia

here are a couple pans of garlic pepper foccacia cooling

My mom and I also made this yummy pasta casserole.  It has egg noodles, homemade tomato red pepper zucchini sauce, with sauteed onions, green peppers, zucchini, and then fresh pamesan cheese, and aged cheddar topped with fresh basil pieces.  YUMMY!
Ok so I am blessed to have awesome dear friends in this world thanks to my little farmstand!!  I have a couple of friends that let us walk thru their beautiful and I do mean BEAUTIFUL gardens.  While strolling around you are transformed into an enchanted peaceful place.  And it is just down the street from us.  So many gorgeous blooms and not just in one spot, they are all around their house. 

These bushes were so full and the flowers are so pretty! 

One of the many floral beds, yes as I was taking this pic the sprinklers came on and welllllllllllllll that cold water did feel pretty good!! LOL

This coleus is so pretty, looks like someone took a paintbrush and detailed each petal. 

I love these colors together.  What a relaxing place!!

Zinias are one of my favorite flowers and these were gorgeous. 

And look at the color of this rose of sharon.  My mom has one I bought her for mothers day and it is so pretty

And last is my absolutely favo pic!  they remind me of sunflowers! and I made sure to get the white rocker chairs in the pic!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!
So I have a busy day tomorrow.  More zucchini bread, more pistachio bread, graham crackers, cookies, and some fruit, oatmeal and yogurt parfaits, plus more!! 
Hope yall have a wonderful evening!!
THANKS MOM for all the help at the kitchen lately!!


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