Thursday, July 5, 2012

100 plus

Yepper nearby us SW MI was over 100 degrees today and tomorrow is predicted to be 104-110 in the inland cities!!  WOW!! we are breaking all kinds of weather records in 2012! But it could be much worse so this is bearable.  I just worry about our wildlife, we havent been this long without rain in several several years and all the ponds around are so low and even the rivers are way down, the corn in the fields is showing signs of drought and even our maple/oak tree leaves are curling and turning brownish.  YIKES!! I think we are gonna see a very very early fall! which wouldnt be so bad it would bring cooler weather!  I will so miss seeing and picking those beautiful big dark red apples this fall and even the pears and the late peaches.  Will have to drive south maybe? LOL
My mom and I made up some spinach n cheese filled lasagna rolls in a homemade tomato red pepper sauce.

We put 2 peppers in each pan.  Filled with rice, sauteed veggies, zucchini, onions, carrots, corn, tomatoes, yellow squash and my blend of herbs and seasonings. 

And we made stuffed cabbage rolls in a homemade sauce.

These are may lavender lemonade jars.  Forgot my cute sign at home =( but they sold well

This is looking down the row at my newest market.  Texas Township near Kalamazoo MI.  Tues nights from 4-7pm

Love the atmosphere here and the wood beams make this pavillion so rustic.  Perfect for a farmers market!

So tomorrow inbetween being overyly hot we are making some grilling packets, pickels, cucumber tomato salsa, pineapple black bean salsa ( which is awesome on chicken or beef or with chips)_ and to keep things on the lighter side this week since it is soooo hot I am gonna make some cool strawberry blueberry shortcakes, lemon poppyseed shortcakes with fresh blueberries n cream, lemon blueberry muffins, bluebery bread and maybe some of my graham crackers.  So hope yall had a wonderful Independence Day!!  I was at market in morning then late afternoon we had a party at hubby's mom's house, alot of the family is up here from all over and then we went nearby to watch fireworks last night.  It sure was nice to see everyone and we are getting together with them again saturday before the leave to go back home.  Time just flies doesnt it!!
BIG NEWS!!**  a friend of mine opened a handmade/antique shop in Glenn so I am gonna put some of my prims in there! good time to start back at making handmade creations!! LOL I may just have time before halloween to make up some of my primitive scarecrows!! WOO HOOO just the kick in the pants I needed to make some!!  I may just take some of the osnaburg with me on sat to start cutting out the pieces of the head and bodies.  If I have time that is! 
Hope yall have a great rest of the holiday week, I will take some pics tomorrow of our busy baking day.  Be back soon yall!!


Kim said...

Everythng looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

Oh my!!!! I loved every minute of our West MI heat wave. Of course I spent it in the pool and not out working markets, LOL. Looks to be another lovely (and more tolerable for most) week coming. Sure could use some rain though. I'm about to give up the battle of the trying to keep the lawn green. It's looking very out of place amoung all toasty brown lawns on the street anyway. :o(