Monday, October 21, 2013

Cold Monday

Hey there!! Well I am at the cancer center with my mom again today so thought I would post again! So cannot wait to get my internet and puter fixed at home!! I used to post almost every day or so and now just here and there. Thank you to everyone for being patient and for following my little blog. My last post I told yall there were many changes in my life and one being single again but its all good! I am having a great time with the new man in my life and his wonderful family. We have 2 dogs Jax and Tank. Jax goes to market with me every week (Buster you will always be my number one market buddy!!) but Jax does very well, he is a little mix that looks like a small fox and made quite an impression on customers this summer. I am very thankful to have him in my life yall know I couldnt be without dogs in my life. Tank is my boyfriends dog and goes to work with him everyday and he is a very smart 5 month old. Jax will be a year old for halloween! We were just visited by 2 very sweet special rehab furry kids here at the center, one was a big retriever and the other a little pug, both were very sweet. I regret not taking the time to take Buster Brown more regularly to visit people in nursing homes or hospitals he had the perfect disposition and loved everything and everyone. A specail one of a kind furry kiddo who is greatly missed baby!! Well my mom is up now so I am off to sit with her and play yahtzee!! Love our little game time together! Have a blessed Monday I promise I will be back soon!! Winter Market in South Haven starting this sat!! 10-1 at FOUNDRY HALL on Eagle Street!! I am also doing Bronson Hospital Winter Market starting in november in Kalamazoo!! HUGS YALL!!

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