Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hey yall!!!  WOW cant believe Christmas is over already!!  and the new year is almost here!!  2016!  I hope yall had a most blessed memorable Christmas, ours was very nice!  We spent one day with my family and then then next with my beaus family and then Christmas night I got to spend time with my precious boys at my exs house!  We had fun!!   The alpacas, my horse, goats and all the feathered kids got special treats and they enjoyed them.  Its funny how the alpacas only and I mean only like carrots!!   We got them all kinds of fresh produce and nope not having any of it!! nothing but carrots!  Oh well they enjoyed plenty of them.  
I am on to making new things and will post pics, more altered jewelry and I have been painting and altering canvas's and having fun with them,  my goals for next year are to create more and also be more inventive with my baked creations for markets!  LOL we shall see I only say those 2 things because life gets so hectic and crazy once summer comes I wanted to be at least a bit realistic!!  LOL
We got a blast of winter yesterday!!  3 inches in some places of sleet and ice.  It dropped down to 26 degrees and it came all day and we also had up to 50 mph winds come thru so many people are with out power, I am glad we didn't loose ours!!  So winter is here and I have a feeling its staying!   but then again you never know our winter thus far has been glorious!! yes I know what yall are thinking how much this country gal loves the snow but it actually has been nice not having it!!  I have a feeling are going to get blasted in jan and feb but really that is fine then it can be spring!! 

I am off to get some of my craft supplies organizied!! LOL I bought several clear plastic totes in various sizes and emptied my desk, counters off to start off the new year fresh and being more productive!!  And we got a trailer full of pallets to play with! happy happy happy.
Have a great week!!  Be back soon!


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