Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hey everyone~~  Cant believe how long it has been since I last posted~~ SORRY~~
We have had one issue after another lately.  My mom's dog Axel passed away on Feb 1st.  He was at home and my mom was holding him.  He looked up at her with such lovingness in those big brown eyes as if to say goodbye then put his head on her lap and went to sleep.  I am so thankful he was at home where he was so loved and cared for.  He knew.  He was a joy from the day we got him and really was my mom's protector and best buddy.  He went to the shop with her pretty much every day of his life.  We miss us much and love you "Boodah"

Boodah as I called him loved to play with hard rubber balls.  He would fetch them and bring em back and sit and wait for you to throw it again and the other thing he absolutely went nuts for was the garden hose!! My mom would put it on in the summer to water the flowers and he would try to eat it up!!  Oh what nice memories we have!!  I so wish their lives would be longer they just impact our lives and surely leave pawprints on our hearts!!  Miss ya honey bunny!!


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