Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 new additions!!

Well today was my birthday and oh what a wonderful day it was!!!   I took my brother out for lunch and we did some shopping then spent the afternoon with my sweet mommy getting 2 little 7 week old puppies!! If you remember back in feb she lost her buddy Axel and has been without any dogs since.  I cant remember a time without at least a couple of dogs around from the time my brother and I were born there were always dogs in our home filling our home with the pitter patter of puppy paws or giving us those special doggie kisses or just laying near us being our faithful pal!!
These 2 captured our hearts the minute we seen them.  They are boxer/lab mix just like my Buster Brown, one is even blonde the other is black with a bit of that boxer white stripe on her neck, and both are little girls.  Buster met them outside and played today so cute!! he always loves everything and everyone!!  I am so excited and this will also hopefully help him loose a bit of weight. 
Not sure of the names just yet but my mom liked Abby for the blonde one?  I will say she looks just like My Buster did when he was that size, she is a love bug, loves to cuddle, be held and just loved on!!  I held them the way home and both laid on my lap and fell asleep together. 

The little black one was the runt of the liter and oh just look at that little face!!it melts your heart!!  

they are just little cutie pies!!

Isnt she a doll!! 

And this one I think is gonna be full of the dickens!!  She is the explorer and full of spirit!!  Oh what fun!!  It has been a couple of years since we had the pitter patter of puppy paws around it is very welcomed!!  My dad wasnt too thrilled with getting 2 but when he got home from work tonight we laid the 2 babies on the couch right next to him, well the blonde one stretched right out alongside of him and was fast asleep, the black one laid on his pillow next to him!!  I THINK  HE IS SMITTEN with them already!!  And even though they said they arent gonna sleep on their bed!!HA NOT I can see them being curled up on the bed next to my mom and dad by the end of the week!!!  LOL
Hope yall had a great day and I will be back soon!!
Tomorrow is BRONSON WINTER MARKET kalamazoo!!


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