Sunday, March 4, 2012

snow again

Hey yall!! Well it snowed last night and pretty hard too, we went shopping and boy by the time we got out of a store it was huge wet flakes coming down making everything slippery.  But we ended up only getting an inch or so, so not too much!  I did check on our blueberry bushes the other day and there are leaf buds and most of the trees around are showing the same.  Hope it keeps being fairly nice out and we dont loose the fruits this year.  We have had snow and extreme cold in may before but I dont know I feel optismistic that we are gonn have a nice early warm spring! fingers crossed too!!
 cranberries from a local farm became cranberry orange  bread

Getting things ready to make vegetable quiches'

empty pie shells

sauteed zucchini, mushrooms, onions for filling

sautee'ing zucchini

the quiche's baked

loaded carrot cake muffins

warm cranberry bread

Now this was delish!!  A hot cocoa chocolate cake that you cook in your crockpot!!  I got this wonderful recipe on pinterest and it is really decadent!! Would work super for those late night chocolate cravings!!  I will try to post that recipe today for yall to try! definetly one to do!!

Marshmallows are melted on top of cake, I put a few extra ontop and also drizzeled melted chocolate ontop of that!! YUMMY!~

So with all that we also made some of my Grandmas old fashioned chicken n veggie pies, espresso cookies, pumpkin spice muffins, artisan rosemary crusty bread loaves, banana nut bread, cheesey corn chowder, vegetable minestrone and also some vegetable burritos.
Ok so I am off to do some house cleaning and play with the "boys" on this sunday.  Laundry is waiting on me too so will be a full day and daddy is home with us today so we will probably watch a movie or maybe take a walk outside or play video games together!! Loving today!!
Hope yall have a blessed sunday!
a sneak peek at this weeks menu; vegetable lasagna, stuffed green peppers, cheddar herb buttermilk biscuits, cinna-streusel topped blueberry coffee cake, espresso cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling, veggie pasty's and more!! will share this week!!


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