Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blooming trees and baking

Hey everyone!~  What a gloriously beautiful time of the year!!the peach trees are full in bloom with their pinkish color blooms, the daffodils and their buttercup yellows, the shades of pink lavender and white hyacinths... oh and the smells of fresh fallen rain and the sounds of all the spring birds back!! LOVE SPRING!  this is I think my favo favo time of year! I do love fall and those smells and colors and of cource halloween!! 
On my CSA menu this past week was some of the following:    This was a white bean dip I made.  You cook cannellini white beans then let them cool and puree them with some spices, cilantro, fresh lime juice, green chili peppers, a chopped jalapeno pepper, sauteed red and yellow peppers and some roasted garlic. 

Sauteed yellow squash and zucchini, garlic and onions.  Add a bit of olive oil and parmesan cheese to top pizzas
Made some homemade pizzas with vegetables. 

Fresh mozzarella and tomatoes made this so yummy!! When they came out of oven I drizzeled olive oil on top and sprinkled with parmesan

Tomato Spinach baked pasta with a balsamic vinegrette dressing. 

Plain pizza skins.   I made these to freeze for hubby and I to have during the week. 

Garlic parmesan topped flatbread

Bean dip that I am going to be  as a sauce on the pizzas next time. 

Personal baguette loaves!!OH my had to slice one out of the oven and super yummy!!
Next week I am making some chicken enchiladas with green chili sauce, a greek tomato snap pea penne pasta with homemade tomato creamy sauce, another pizza this one with fresh mozzarella and spinach and roasted garlic, some pistachio bread, frozen breakfast burritos, pulled pork, meat and cheese enchiladas, and a Paula Deen pie filled with corn, tomatoes, chives, with a biscuit cornmeal crust.  YUMMY! Will be sure to take the camera with me to kitchen and share with ya!!
Hope yall have a wonderful weekend!! Off to do chores...

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