Sunday, April 12, 2015

~hey yall!!   Wow spring has sprung full force here in beautiful mi!!  Yeah. Yippee. Yee haw!!  So love springtime here!  Well acruall love all our gorgeous seasons!  Babies and more babies coming!  At my friends farm, where my precious kids are there are 4 pregnant heifers ready anyday to calf.  We get so excited each day thinking today is the day. I need to get better pics of the girls while they are still pregnant cant believe how big they are.  Clarise, Penny, Ashtabula and Touch are the ladies names.  Sweeties too!!  
my sweetheart happy my horse turn 31 this month I can't believe he's not order any I've had him for 24 years now and he amazes me each and every day he is completely blind but that does not stop that worst one bit big baby!   Miss rosie may is my only goat now and that little doll is 13. Good grief how time flies!!
We are still doing winter farmers/artisans market in south haven and have a few more weeks to go until the crazy busy season!  At winter market  we have baked goods, produce, fresh eggs, goats milk products, seasonings, teas, honey, maple syrup, and handmade product that make wonderful gifts.  And a lot of things I didn't mention!  I get to see and visit with customers ( friends) and a gal I worked with a few years ago!  Fun fun fun!  

this little cutie pie is Jax my boyfriends dog and I'm his mommy too 

this is Tank and he is just that!  But actually a big baby!  Lover boy though!!  
So life is good I see my "boys" regularly at my ex's house so that works. I do miss those kids though but life does go on and when one door closes definitely another opens.   Wow its gonna be 68 today already it's 57 and still morning!!  
Well I will be back to share more pics at Root. Dawn worked there yesterday with a few friends finishing details up.   Have a wonderful day talk soon!!  

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