Thursday, April 9, 2015

oh my goodness! Finally I have gotten back into my blog yay! I am so sorry for being gone so long I changed emails and I've had a horrible time trying to get logged back in for some reason? so I am back with all kinds of exciting news! This year is bringing it very exciting new adventure!!!
Root is going to be opening may 16!  A coffee shop cafe in downtown fennville!  What does this have to do with me??  My dear friend Dawn is opening it and i will be doing the bakung for it and cooking up some scrumtious breakfast and lunch items!  so we have played around all winter with new creations and some of the tried and true ones i have made for markets thru the years. I cannot believe I have been doing Market full time since 2009 but been doing Market since 2000!

With that being said I am so excited to have this opportunity and we'll make the most of it! I will still have product at South Haven farmers market this summer will be sharing the booth with someone else.

Just to give you an idea and a little sneak peek into Root we will be making breakfast paninis, croissants, oatmeals, soups, vegetarian options, frittatas, roasted taters and   bakery items!! And much more.  Will post pics when we actually start making things there.
Things are hectic and fun at the same time.  I am still doing some altered creations we made some cuff bracelets most recently that turned out so cool!!
I will try to get some pics tonight yet.
So excited to be back on here I forgot pics!!  Be back in a bit!!

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Kim said...

Oh my goodness how I missed reading about all you have going on. And seeing all the lovelies you have to share. I will be waiting to see what you post next.