Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Storms and more storms coming!

This is Charlie!! one cool rooster we have, he hangs out by the house with his own harem!  He has 8 or so girls that are always round him. 
Wow last night was really bad outside!!  I usually have to find him and carry him into the coop at night as he is the VERY LAST one to go in, we have a couple other roosters that he doesnt like so he waits til they are all setteled in and dont notice him! LOL
WOW  the thunder and lightning was LOUD!!  poor little Bubba was really upset until we all went to bed together then he settled down.  I am very thankful we didnt loose power as there are several thousand people without it around us.  Hope the kitchen didnt loose it!!  that would be horrible I have lots of things to get down for market tomorrow and they are callin for more possible severe storms in morning!! well wont hurt to get a bit wet!! And in the 80's friday but then dropping into the 50s next week.  HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FALL!!   We are known to have a beautiful fall and when hubby and I got hitched in late october it was 80 degrees that day!! yeah sinceI had to have an outdoor weddin on the farm at my parents house.    So  here are a few pics from tractor show.This is our golden jubilee and below is my hubbys grandparents with the H.  This tractor was bought new in 1951 by hubbys great grandfather and we still have the original sales reciept for her!!  It is just waiting for me to have enough time to scan it and make art with it!! LOL
I am in withdrawl from doin altered items since we have been way busy with the markets this summer!! Cant wait to alter something!!  SOON!! I promise!
This is hubbo and Grandpa Bill!  Proud of ya Gramps!! He had a new knee done a few weeks ago and is at home doin great!!  And I am super proud of hubby for all he does!! Everyday he surprises me with something! 
Little Bubba sittin in the truck!~ He sits on the seat so good!! Barney is layin under a blankie on the couch here sorry it is so blurry!  He on the other hand beebopps around the truck jumpin from the front to back and back to front the whole time we are gone!!  Buster just sprawls out on the back seat and "chills"  they all love goin bye bye!~!

LOL this was our golfcart comin home as it rained all day sat and we went mudrunnin at the campground!!  It was fun but dang we had mud everywhere as you can see!  even on the seat and hubby's back had been splattered up with it too!    Well I hope yall have a beautiful wed I am gonna get ready to do chores then head over to the kitchen.  My grandma Rose's pumpkin pie spice bread, banana bread, cheese bread, upside down peach cake, apple crisp muffins, pumpkin cranberry muffins and some apple cake are on the agenda for todays baking!! so I got my work cut out today!! 
Oh and I did get an ok yesterday from Wolverine hardware in South Haven to do our winter market csa drop in their parkin lot this winter!!!  YIPPEE!~! Dave and I will be settin up a schedule of when we are gonna do this in ALLEGAN again and now in South Haven~  you can order something or just buy from what I make that week.  It will be from november thur april!  We did it last year in the Allegan parkin lot and had lots of customers come out and actually we only had 1 yepper 1 day of really cold and windy weather!!  So will give yall the details soon!!
Talk soon!!

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Kim said...

I just love following your blog. And I wish you well with all your markets! And look forward to the next post.