Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Market tomorrow~

WHAT a beautiful fall day here in sw michigan! The leaves are just starting to show color and so so pretty!! it was 72 outside and just gorgeous! however it should start cooling down they say and possible frost this weekend!! yuk! so not ready for all that yet!! we havent got any wood put up for winter yet and need to close up the greenhouse and then blow all the leaves around the yard when they fall, and disc up the gardens and .................. well lots to do to get ready for snow!!  Well for some strange reason I am not able to upload pics!???&()*()&(*&(*)* WHY??  URGGGGGGG!!
Ok so I will try again later for pics SORRY!



Anonymous said...

I noticed last time I posted photos that they had changed their procedure, and not for the better I might add.

craftychick said...

I am with ya!~ I cannot seem to get my pics flipped around. I edit them and resize and they flip it back to the original position now!! URGGGGGGGG!!