Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall baking

I brought out the cookie press the other day and decided to make some fun fall cookies

These almond butter ribbons were good but especially good dipped in chocolate and sprinlked with a bit of fall jimmies.

Some streusel topped apple muffins.   I always cut up asst apples when baking with them  sautee just a few minutes in butter and cinnamon then  add  to the ingredients.   
Cranberry orange muffins super yummo!  And I added a lemon glaze for my "farmgirl bling"~~

Here are the pumpkin cranberry muffins with their touch of "farmgirl bling"!!
Here are the butter ribbon cookies dressed for fall!

I added some orange food paste coloring to the shortbread dough for the pumpkin spice cookies. 

Arent they just the cutest??

Fred, a tom cat someone dumped off here in feb.  He is just a doll and we are happy to have him be part of our family!  He just doesnt like his pic taken he kept looking away from me or down.  silly cat!!~

PRINCE, he is our only male peacock and just gorgeous I love his coloring and he really has gotten to be quite friendly.  He will take food from your hand and come to ya when you call him.

Ms Rosie May (sorry I just cant get her pic turned) She is a sweetie pie!

Beau, he also is a doll.

Boy I dont like the new format on blogger for uploading pics!! URGG~~~~ this stinks!!  I had all my pics placed in order and they have now moved around and it flipped a couple and I cannot get them turned around!!!  I will have to play around with them later.   I am off to the kitchen we are making some baguette bread and a few cakes and maybe some cookie dough!! 

I will also take some pics of my farmstand, it was decorated for the fall tour this weekend.
 Blue Coast Artist fall tour is so much fun and we enjoy meeting new friends!!
Have a blessed fall monday yall!!



Anonymous said...

I'm with you...I REALLY don't like the new way of uploading photos.

Anonymous said...

Yum! Can you share your shortbread and almond cookie dough recipe?

Kim said...

I always look forward to your blog posts. I love your "boys". Come on over to my blog and take a peek at my pack.

craftychick said...

YEPPER I just posted my shortbread recipe!