Monday, October 18, 2010

A recipe to share day!!

I have had a couple of requests for my shortbread recipe.  Here it is scaled down to make 3 dozen cookies.   Now the shortbread as most of you know I use for alot of different cookies, above these flowers are cut with a cookie cutter, these are my lavender shortbreads.   I let fresh organic lavender stems steep in powdered sugar (in a gallon glass jar) for a few weeks then strip the stems of the blossoms and pulse it on food processor.    I also used this recipe and added different spices and extracts to make my pumpkin spice cookies and my almond butter cookies.  You can pretty much add just about any flavor and they are awesome!!  plain shortbread is my hubbys favo so I always leave a bit of dough out just for him. 

This is also my shortbread only put into a cookie press and topped with some halloween sprinkles. 

And then dipped in melted almond flavored melted chocolate.  I also make them with a chocolate ganache' filling and sandwich 2 of them together.  YUMMY stuff here!!

Chicken Scratch Basic Shortbread Cookies
7.5 oz all purpose flour
7 oz cornstarch
1 pinch salt
sift these together
Cream in mixer till smooth (about 5 min)
1/2 pound good sweet cream butter
5 oz sifted confectionary sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract (or another flavor is fine too)
on low speed add the sifted dry ingredients to the mixer just until blended DO NOT OVERMIX! chill until rollable and easy to handle (use flour sparinly when rolling them out)
The baking time is hard for me I am so used to the big convection ovens I believe just bake at 350 until golden on edges you dont want them to get too brown at all.  I am thining maybe 12-15 min or so? you will have to be the judge of that one I havent baked in a regular oven in so long!! LOL way too long!

These are my pumpkin spice shortbreads dipped and drizzeled with chocolate!! 

 Ok so HAPPY BAKING YALL!!! Share what you did with the recipe and I will post it on here!!

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